5050 Nappa Dance Shoes
5050 Nappa Dance Shoes
5050 Nappa Dance Shoes
5050 Nappa Dance Shoes

50/50 White Nappa

UPPER: Full Nappa Leather
OUTSOLE: Versatile dance sole
COLOR: White

FITTING SUGGESTIONS: Accuracy sizes, standard width. If you are U.S. size 10 Please order size 10.


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White nappa

Worldwide Shipping Details

SHIPPING: 3 to 5 business days to most U.S. Territory throughout the U.S. Postal Service.

Based on a single purchase of shoes/boots, Shipping charges to most countries Outside the United States are the following:

Express service worldwide 5-7 days $60
Priority service worldwide 7-10 days $50
First class service worldwide 14-21 days $30

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Reviews (3)

Randy Atlas – January 17, 2017:

The Botta dance shoe design is a work of craftsmanship and dance mastery. Because Jose actually is a dancer, he understands first hand that dance shoes occasionally must be worn on rough floor surfaces, or sidewalks, and not always on a smooth polished wood dance floor. The unique sole design allows for indoor and outdoor use, which is unique in the dance shoe world. As a dancer, and instructor for over 40 years, the Botta dance shoes are the best shoes I have danced in, and from now on, the only shoes I dance in.

Jose Botta – January 17, 2017:

Thank you very much for kind feedback. The Jose Botta team greatly appreciates your comments and also please feel free to spread the word to your fellows dancers.

Carlos aka “Eisen” – October 27, 2016:

Very sharp, looking forward to showing these off at the multiple events coming up in 2017

Jose these are super classy thanks

Jose Botta – October 29, 2016:

Yayyyy, so excited about ! please flaunt your fashion in your dance community, We’ve you covered!

David – August 24, 2016:

I have a couple pairs of your dance shoes and love them. Have lasted me over 2 years so far of dancing (multiple congresses and 2-3 nights a week)…I recently did a Caribbean Salsa night and would have loved to have a white pair of shoes to match with white pants. Bought these and they are perfect for those occasions!

Jose Botta – August 25, 2016:

Thanks for be a loyal customer of our product, as you noticed they are will built and durable enough to make your investment worth it. Thanks again for you be on the look out for our latest collection. Sincerely Jose Botta

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