567 Dance Shoes
567 Dance Shoes
567 Dance Shoes
567 Dance Shoes

567 Dance Shoes

UPPER: Black Nappa Suede and Silver Leather
OUTSOLE: Versatile Dance shoe sole
COLOR: Black with Silver accent

FITTING SUGGESTIONS: Due of the snug fit of our slip on shoes is recommend to order half size up from your street shoe size, Example if you are size 10 Please order size 10.5 standard width.


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Worldwide Shipping Details

SHIPPING: 3 to 5 business days to most U.S. Territory throughout the U.S. Postal Service.

Based on a single purchase of shoes/boots, Shipping charges to most countries Outside the United States are the following:

Express service worldwide 5-7 days $60
Priority service worldwide 7-10 days $50
First class service worldwide 14-21 days $30

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Reviews (2)

Axel Veloso – December 29, 2018:

Absolutely love these shoes. Comfortable, look great. Amazing grip when u need it. And slippery enough so u can go crazy on spins if your into that.( I am)

Jose Botta – December 29, 2018:

Happy to hear that our exclusive line of shoes met you needs on the dance floor, We designed them specifically to spin, twist and slide perfectly with the right Grip to have control when you need, and want too.. Thanks again for you purchased you truly appreciated your feedback and business. Happy New Year


Carlos Hernandez – November 8, 2018:

I, Carlos Hernandez Director of Zafire Dance Co, from NYC and I approved this amazing shoes. I have them in every color!

Jose Botta – November 8, 2018:

Carlos, Thanks you so much for try them On and feel very pleased with our Versatile Dance Shoes, it is our pleasure to delivery high quality and reliable Dancing Shoes.


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