R-10 Black Patent Dance Shoes
R-10 Black Patent Dance Shoes
R-10 Black Patent Dance Shoes
R-10 Black Patent Dance Shoes

The New R-10 Black

DESCRIPTION: Our most wanted shoe model The Black Patent R-10 just got re-designed with a fresh look, premium leather and patent pending state of art versatile dance shoe sole.

UPPER: Premium Natural Leather
OUTSOLE: Versatile dance sole
COLOR: Black

FITTING SUGGESTIONS: Accuracy sizes, standard width. If you are U.S. size 10 Please order size 10.


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New Black Patent

Worldwide Shipping Details

SHIPPING: 3 to 5 business days to most U.S. Territory throughout the U.S. Postal Service.

Based on a single purchase of shoes/boots, Shipping charges to most countries Outside the United States are the following:

Express service worldwide 5-7 days $60
Priority service worldwide 7-10 days $50
First class service worldwide 14-21 days $30

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Reviews (9)

Marshal Mintz – November 26, 2018:

Unbelievable service. Very responsive and super quick delivery. Of course the quality product speaks for itself.

Jose Botta – November 26, 2018:

Thank you Marshal, I'm glad we can served you in the best way possible with the our unique line of Versatile Dance Shoes.

Luis Mezquia – December 8, 2017:

Any idea when these will be in stock again?

Jose Botta – December 8, 2017:

Thanks for rating our shoes, We are bringing a new Black Patent "The R-10" with a fresh look by February 2018, However we have some shoe sizes but not all sizes available, We will contact you directly to assist you the best way possible. Thanks again for rating our product looking forward to serving you.

Samuel Sandoval – September 19,2017:

I first got a pair of these shoes at the D.C. Bachata Congress and they honestly blew my mind. I walked through concrete and spilled drinks and would instictively checked to see if my shoes were ok, and of course they were perfectly fine because of the material that is used. I own the red as well as the black patent now. I'm not sure if I'll ever get suede shoes again for dancing... these are just way more durable.

I love how comfy they feel on the inside as well. I like wearing them for walking more than my regular walking shoes in fact.

I want to give a shout out to JB. Special thank you for checking your inventory for my size and sending it to me personally. Really appreciate that.

Jose Botta – September 19,2017:

Samuel thank you for trying our shoe and leaving us this wonderful review. Much appreciated and of course, no worries, we always are very attentive to our clients. Thank you again. Regards Jose Botta

Joachim – June 7, 2016:

Hi there,

Just wanted to say thank you for the shoes. I just got home from work and there they were. So the shoes fit (not sure if they could be a tad smaller) but it definitely feels ‎great to wear them! They are such a great blend of elegance and sportiveness it’s brilliant. Also they handle very very well, just tried some steps and spins and they really are great on all three different floors I immediately had within reach. They are very comfortable, I think these are the nicest shoes I ever bought.

So thank you again, also for your kind and prompt answers before the purchase.

Best regards,

Jose Botta – August 25, 2016:

My pleasure to serve you with our unique line of shoes, as a social dancer I was on the look out for this type of shoes and since they were not available in the market, then I created and now I am so happy and excited to shared my passion with all dancers, Enjoy them and please feel free to spread the word. Regards Jose Botta

Javier Tavera – June 22, 2016:

I’m indoor and out door dancer, I been wearing the best Jose Bota Shoes since 4 years ever since then. I don’t have to worry anymore, these shoes will last twice longer than traditional shoes. I’m very happy with Jose Bota shoes that I’m ordering one more pair just for the summer out door dancing. Jose Bota shoes are the best, I’m I very strick when it come to casual, quality and desing. Jose Bota are the unique shoes. I do live in the pacific NorthWest where rains often with those shoes any weather any floor, indoor outdoor they are just amazing.

Thank you Jose Bota for your hard work by manufacturing such a great shoes. Saludos Javier.

Jose Botta – August 25, 2016:

Thank you SO MUCH for you wonderful and honest feedback, I am glad you discovered and tried out our shoes, as you noticed you got hook with my unique line of shoes that give you the best of both worlds. Gracias mano y a darle duro que tiene zapato para rato, Saludos

Ciara – September 19, 2016:

Jose botta offers great style and quality shoes. Just received the R-10 patent and they are so sleek! Can’t wait to get on the Dance floor with them ! Jose also offers EXCEPTIONAL customer service. thank you JB for a great product and experience shopping with you!

Jose Botta – October 5, 2016:

My pleasured to served you with out product and service. JB

Juan Carlos Rodriguez – September 21, 2016:

Just got my R-10 Black Patent, these are by far the best dancing shoes I’ve had. Good for dancing indoor/outdoor, they are also very comfortable and stylish. Smooth and simple ordering process, I do recommend Jose Botta shoes

Thank you Jose, always a pleasure doing business with you .

Roger Stevens – September 29, 2016:

I currently own both the Charlie and R-10 Black Patent [leather] models.

While attending the NY International Congress (NYISC) earlier this month, I noticed Jose’s booth, and that he had shoes with a very low heel.

I’m in the last stages of recovering from micro-tears in one of my Achilles tendons. So, in order to regain full flexibility, I need to maintain full-range of motion (and stretch) in my ankle, as often as possible. Jose’s low-heeled shoes really help to make that happen.

Also, a few days prior to the NYISC, I’d strained both my groin and hip flexor, in a weightlifting accident. So, throughout the event, my hip was alternating between tightness from trying to heal, and temporary periods of relief.

I initially tried on the Charlie (model). Instantly, I felt more aligned, as compared to my own dance shoes, with the 1″ heel. Not only do the low heels help me to regain ankle flexibility. But, they are very supportive throughout the foot. The insoles are also very supportive, yet provide enough cushion for comfort, without being unnecessarily “springy.”

These shoes made a big difference for me throughout the remainder of the Congress. They also helped to reduce my tendencies to develop destructive compensatory movements (as a result of my injured-state). Also, the shoes are also true to US sizing.

And, I liked the Charlie model so much, that I purchased a pair of the R-10 Black Patent [leather] model, the next day. They have the same great fit and support, but with that great patent leather style.

I also really enjoy the versatility of the sole, which doesn’t require a dancer to change into street shoes for brief trips to their car. As well as not absorbing water from a wet restroom floor. I am looking forward to trying them for outdoor events. Jose, and his staff, are extremely helpful and cooperative.

At this point, these shoes are my “go to” shoes for all of my social dancing events [Salsa & Argentine Tango].

Great product, Jose.
It’s a pleasure doing business with you.

Jose Botta – October 5, 2016:

Yeah !!!! I remember you pick the second shoes the follow evening WOW !! amazing !!! Thanks again for the breakdown feedback !!!!

Mick – October 7, 2016:

These are my super well-dressed event shoes. The soles are the standard excellent all-weather all-surface material. The patent leather looks flash. It’s a harder leather (due to the shiny treatment I guess) which makes them not quite as comfortable (as the G1s for example) but it offers good foot support. They will mark if partners stand on them with heels but if treated with a liquid shoe shine material they’ll come up well. Definitely the shoe to choose for black-tie events. And wear them them to dinner beforehand, they’ll handle the streets just as well as they do the dance floors. A thumbs up

Jose Botta – October 12, 2016:

Thanks for your feedback, too bad some dance shoe heel damage our shoe look, however they are built to last.

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