Moche Dance Shoes
Moche Dance Shoes
Moche Dance Shoes
Moche Dance Shoes

Moche Dance shoes

UPPER: Black Leather
OUTSOLE: Versatile Dance shoe sole
COLOR: Black

FITTING SUGGESTIONS: Accuracy sizes, standard width. If you are U.S. size 10 Please order size 10.


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Worldwide Shipping Details

SHIPPING: 3 to 5 business days to most U.S. Territory throughout the U.S. Postal Service.

Based on a single purchase of shoes/boots, Shipping charges to most countries Outside the United States are the following:

Express service worldwide 5-7 days $60
Priority service worldwide 7-10 days $50
First class service worldwide 14-21 days $30

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Reviews (1)

Mick Barrett – August 17, 2016:

Retiring the G1? Please, NO!

No more carrying your delicate dance shoes to the venue. Jose Botta’s soles not only dance brilliantly, they are all-weather and all-surface tough. This shoe (the G1) has a strong leather upper and can look casual or smart. It is super comfy. Highly recommended and well-tested in Sydney’s streets and salsa clubs.

Jose Botta – August 18, 2016:

Thank you very much.
Jose Botta – August 25, 2016:

hehe Thanks for you kind feedback we truly appreciated you honest comments about our shoes, As a dancer I was looking just for what I created, Comfort, All weather conditions and floors, casual and DURABLE shoes that I can dance spin twist and slide like no other shoe out there, we are very pleased to learned that our shoes were in Sydney salsa clubs. next time take me with you hehe, Thanks again for your sincerely feedback. Regards Jose Botta

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