Red Dance Boots
Red Dance Boots
Red Dance Boots
Red Dance Boots

Red Dance Boots

UPPER: Manmade Soft Suede
OUTSOLE: Innovate versatile sole

FITTING SUGGESTIONS: Accuracy sizes, standard width. If you are U.S. size 10 Please order size 10.


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Upper Suede

Worldwide Shipping Details

SHIPPING: 3 to 5 business days to most U.S. Territory throughout the U.S. Postal Service.

Based on a single purchase of shoes/boots, Shipping charges to most countries Outside the United States are the following:

Express service worldwide 5-7 days $60
Priority service worldwide 7-10 days $50
First class service worldwide 14-21 days $30

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Reviews (4)

Gail August – October 13, 2017 :

I just did a show in the red boots. It was heaven. The first time I haven't had sore feet after a performance. Love my Jose botta boots. How about some other snazzy colors, like silver or gold?

Jose Botta – October 13, 2017 :

Gail congratulations on your dance performance, We are very happy that our boots make you feel great after your show, We are focused to deliver shoes/boots the helps our customers with their dance needs and more. About the snazzy color, Yes we can do a custom color, so let's talk. And thanks again for you feedback.

Giuseppe Ricci – August 31, 2016:

Excellent Shoes!

I have the black pair and the red pair. The black pair are my dance team trainers and I wear them out social dancing all the time. The red ones are new and are definitely for flare on the dance floor, but are just as sturdy and reliable as the black ones.

The shoes have a comfortable fit…no extra callouses or blisters from these guys. The high top is good for support, but not too hot. The outside fabric is resilient to scruffs and stays fresh looking even after tens of hours of dancing.

But the real deal about these shows and all of the Jose Bottas are the soles. Whatever magical material they use for the bottom is perfect for dancing. They dont damage, slide on any floor, and you can even wear them to and from your car to the dance floor with no damage from walking on pavement (obviously dont go hiking in these puppies though!).

In all, Jose Botta has my favorite shoes. I highly recommend them and they are well worth the price. They will last you for years.

And finally, Jose Botta and his colleagues are fun, helpful, and responsive to emails and messages. This is a superb company with a superb team and superb products. Cant ask for me!

Jose Botta – September 1, 2016:

Wow!! Thank you for your honest feedback We truly appreciated, and the key of our success is we deliver what we want to have “the best product in the market and Serve customer in the way we like to be serve ! like the quote say: what goes around comes around, Good product and service, Good great feedback and loyalty hehe Thanks again for become at loyal customer.

Justin Collins – August 3, 2016:

The perfect dance shoe. I dance hip hop, zouk, salsa, and bachata in these are they are perfect. Will be purchasing in black as well!

Jose Botta – August 3, 2016:

Wow !!!! so happy to learned that the shoes do well on many types of dance style, Thanks again for your feedback, Regards JB

Janet Neuschatz – June 30, 2016:

Excellent shoe for social dancing. Comfortable, endurable, and wearable both on dance floor and street. Highly recommend!!! I LOVE these shoes!

Jose Botta – June 30, 2016:

Thank you for you feedback we truly appreciated. Regards JB

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