Jay Stylz

Stylz is from Dallas, Tx. and he is a very energetic dancer and instructor with great passion for helping his students. He is also founder of http://dfwsalsafordummies.com/ where hs teaches his New York Style salsa basic step with his saying, "If It Aint Sexy Dont Do It!".

El Tiguere del Mambo

El Tiguere Del Mambo promotes, teaches and DJs for Island Touch Dance. He is internationally known as DJ Tiguere. El Tiguere also teaches and performs all over the world Island Touch's brand of traditional Bachata known as Dominican Touch.

Jorge "Ataca" Burgos

Jorge “Ataca’ Burgos is a popular bachata dancer, performer and instructor. He comes from a big family that loves music and dancing. He began teaching professionally in 2008 with Tanja “La Alemana” Kensinger. They have a dance organization called Island Touch Dance Academy. His goal is to manage dance teams that are located all over the world.